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Dancing steps

Dancing steps

We love to dance. Old or young, regardless of gender, race, creed or even experience, we love to dance. The rhythmic movements of our bodies as we glide, swing, fly or leap from one position to another to the beat of the music. We are always on the go whether it is via work or at home, and in so doing we are literally always dancing. If a musical tone is playing in the background we will pause for a moment as our minds drift off to the rhythms and beats and our bodies will try to catch up. Even if it is the gentle tapping of our toes or the soft rapping of our fingers with the oscillation of our hips with the nodding of our heads, our bodies slowly jive to a rhythm. We go from step to step without care. If there is no one else around we are unencumbered by doubts and shyness and begin a freer more natural motion. If someone sees us we immediately withdraw and become conscious of  our actions.
Quite often we exist within our lives very superficially. Hurrying from Point A to B to C etcetera we perform this dance from step to step to step. We forget that it is not necessarily the steps that are important but the in-between movements that carry the weight. We rush through our lives essentially rushing through the movements and not appreciating the steps along the way. If there is no depth in understanding or more over appreciation of the dance itself how can we appreciate the life that we have. Between the steps is the infinite space that may last a finite time when unacknowledged, or the finite space may last an infinite time with the right momentary awareness. The choice is in your hands of whether you simply go through the motions of the steps or appreciate the steps in the dance.
Dancing can be exhausting like a work out especially if all we are focussed on is the steps. Yet if we are alive in the moment going from step to step, but aware of the space in between we actually are energized to become something more than we are. That is when we experience the energy of the universe pulsating with each beat and with no beat within our consciousness and throughout the spirit. It is only in the space in between the steps, the movements and the actions that the soul or the Self exists. Too quick motions we miss that opportunity to see ourselves. My suggestion would be simply to slow down the dance and “feel ” the steps as they come across and embrace the space in between the steps as you nurture the soul to express it Self to jump out and dance with you. Two engaging partners, you and the Self melodiously dancing away with effortless ease and in rhythm through life. Do not worry if someone is watching you dance your heart  out, you might just be the inspiration they need to join in.
Dance with Me, said the universe to You


Author: Brown Knight

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