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Going to the movies

Going to the movies

Buttered popcorn, large soda, outrageously priced snacks and with tickets in hand we eagerly get into the movie theater with all sorts of expectations for a great movie fantasy experience to help us escape the mundane dreariness of our realities. The previews are usually my favorite as I plan what to see in the future.  Each movie theater hall has its own movie playing. Lets just say there are 10 theaters at this particular movie establishment. Some movies are violent, some are comedic, some are romantic, some are thriller adventures, the genre varies  but the movie goer does not. It is your choice and how you feel that governs which theater hall you enter. This is very similar to your life.
We have the choice to enter any movie playing. We have the choice to experience any situation that we are exposed to. Whether it is a romance with a partner, violence in an abusive relationship, laughter and comedy with a friend or child, a thrilling adventure of your work or life, in any case the movie playing is that of your life. You are the star actor or actress, the producer and the director. This life is your stage and you are filming your own movie in your mind. The rest of your fellow casted members are there  in supporting roles just as you are there in a supporting role in their lives. So the only one to blame if you do not get an Oscar winning performance is yourself.  After all you casted yourself for the role of who you are. The script was also written by you.  Yet the popular idea that you are stuck with whatever movie you purchased is a fallacy. If you do not like the direction that your movie-life is taking, re write it, redirect it, re-act it out.
When a movie becomes too much for you, in the case of a violent movie, or too scary for you to handle as in the case of horror shows, it is by your choice you get up and walk out of it. Why would you  stay in the movie if you are unhappy with it? For the average $15/movie price? Not worth it. In the same way you walked into a movie theater, you can walk out. When you are done or dissatisfied with an experience you have the choice of walking out.This is not the same as quitting prematurely, far from it in fact. Life is all about experiences and choosing your experiences is what life is all about. Those who believe that they have no choice in life’s circumstances are those who are entrenched in a victim mentality.  So pick your movie well, and do  not judge it based on the snippets of a preview.
Hope you have reserved yourself the best seat in the theater.


Author: Brown Knight

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