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Chatter chatter, can you please be quiet

Chatter, chatter, chatter, can you please keep quiet.

Sitting in a library, huddled in the quiet stillness,  we cannot stand when people talk and disturb the code of  silence. Attentive at the movies, it is really annoying when fellow movie goers constantly are having conversations while a movie is playing. It is especially irritating when your family member or friend or an acquaintance is standing beside you and constantly nagging you and telling you what to do or say, or think or act. It goes on and on till finally we either simply move away, or politely ask the person to ” SHUT UP.”  The chattering can be relentless. It disturbs our mental peace and thoughts. We all encounter this on a regular basis. Someone is sitting within earshot of you on a bus or at the grocery store or a waiting room for example and like a broken record they incessantly spew their negative attitude towards their lives, their spouses, their “friends” and so on. You feel like grabbing them and shaking them and saying” Keep quiet and get a grip on your life !”
Why do these peoples’ talkative or bossy advices or verbal garbage bother us? Especially when our minds are doing exactly the same thing continuously in our heads at every moment of every day of our lives. The mind is so tomultous and with more force than the strongest destructive earthly weather system, it blows our thoughts around in our heads. We have the ability to quieten this torrent of chatter when our Self awakens and says ” Keep quiet and get a grip on your life.” We have no problem telling a manifested person in reality in front of us to stop talking, would it not be easy to do the same if we can mentally manifest the chatty mind into existence by giving it form, shape and visualize it in front of us and then simply scold or politely request it to conform to some code of silence.
With the help of your breathing you can become more aware and conscious of the moment. By being fully present, you become alive and strong to summon the chattering mind and then be bold enough to say “excuse me please but kindly be quiet, I have had quite enough of your irrelevant chatter.” Slowly yet surely the Self gains control and then is able to lead and the conversations you hear in your mind resonate a higher frequency of calmer collected thoughts. These then manifest into more agreeable and positive conversations with others. The power of positive words and thoughts can then systematically bring about positive and good change to a world in much need of it.
SSSHHHHH ! that’s better


Author: Brown Knight

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