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Among the clouds

Among the clouds     Late one rainy  afternoon I took a flight for a short trip. The jet roared off the runway and we ascended rapidly. Looking out of the window I noted the ground  getting further away and shrinking as we reached cruising altitude. We traversed through many cloud formations. Some thick, some
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Why me?

Why me?     The age old question when something does not go our way or  is unexpected. Why me?  Usually this is dependent on a bad experience as it enters any aspect of life, home, work, family or personal. “Why me? I never did anything to anyone”. Numerous examples of this occur on a […]
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Last call

Last Call     It is closing time, the bar tender calls out asking if anyone wants another drink. The conductor blows his whistle one last time before the doors close and the train sets on its way. Last call….then we depart this planet. An entire life lived ends with a last call. All one’s […]
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Going golfing

Going Golfing     If you have never played golf, then it is a sport worth trying to learn. You will be  probably be in the learning phase for your entire life as this particular sport is very similar to learning life’s lessons every time you step up onto the green.  The presence of mind […]
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