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Paying up your co pay

Paying up your co-pay

In the USA we have a very complex health care system and when you go to the doctors office, you must pay a small amount of money to the health care practice, whereby your health insurance will pay the remaining of the contracted amount. Without the co-pay, the health insurance is  not complete, and services may not be rendered, this is similar to our lives. We all have some degree of a “co-pay” to contribute towards the “insurance” which is represented by our joy, our happiness, our peace. We have to make a conscious effort of contribution. That in essence is the co-pay, it is our contribution to the whole insurance of our betterment, physical,mental, and spiritual. The co-pay varies per person, depending on the insurance held. Similarly the amount of energy you put in to ensure your continued happiness also varies depending on whatever situation you are in. The self nature of good deeds, thoughts, and actions assists in the completing of the wholesome picture of peace of mind and spirit.
There is another entity called the deductible. It is the amount of money that has to be put forward by you towards your insurance plan, after which the bills are picked up by the insurance company. Some consumers have a higher deductible than others. Higher the deductible, the lower the monthly premium to be paid to maintain the insurance. To most of us this is a very confusing  and inefficient use of resources and finances yet it is the system in place for most people. Think of it in another way. The  more stress we have in our lives and the more chaotic we make our living situations, the more we have to use our insurance policy. The more deductible that has to be paid before we can use the policy, is indicative of the efforts that we have to put  in to try to find the opportunities for advancement of our peace. Sometimes the deductible is too high to be able to even get to use the insurance policy, yet that is correlated with the amount of efforts that have to be made to find the peace in  the first place. 
Yet the co-pay must be brought at the time of service. This is simply the right attitude. With this shift of focus the attitude is the copay that instigates the delivery of divine healing services. The right attitudes activate the appropriate changes within you to bring forth the necessary changes that you need in your life. Putting one step foot forward to accept the help is the key. The efforts to meet your deductible through patience, through gratitude, through faith are all contributions to the pot after which the universal insurance policy of abundance of happiness, success and peace takes over ensuring your continued well being. One of the biggest problems is that we do not have enough patience with ourselves on our quest for the higher qualities of living. We fall short of our required  deductible  with the short comings of gratitude and faith and never get to use the insurance that is a non refundable or a non revocable policy granted by the universe to each and every one of us. Read the fine print in your heart and soul and you will know that this is true. 
The premium is the monthly amount paid to maintain the policy. If you are a person with more ill health then you need a better insurance plan usually requiring a higher premium. The better plan is usually also one with a decent sized deductible, with a manageable co-pay. The vicious cycle to get into and maintain the costlier plan is a tough one to break. The healthier you are through better living, eating, exercising and general outlook on life, you are doing a lot of preventative health maintenance that will help you achieve the cheaper plan that requires less efforts. You get the lower premium by keeping in accordance with your good  health features such as better eating, sleeping and exercising. You obtain the lower deductible with less efforts by maintaining a more sound and simpler life. Less distractions, less technology, less splintering of the mind enables you to lead more focussed and more attentive lives, hence the lower deductible is achieved. The co pay is usually something you just have to pay up at the time of service. Yet overall,the cheaper the plan,the lower the co pay. The right attitude is that co pay. You  just have to bring it with you to all of the divine appointments. I hope you never to use your physical insurance policy, yet your spiritual one is always available and ever ready to use at no charge. 
Got your co-pay?


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