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Going Golfing



If you have never played golf, then it is a sport worth trying to learn. You will be  probably be in the learning phase for your entire life as this particular sport is very similar to learning life’s lessons every time you step up onto the green.  The presence of mind required and the focussing on the moment yet not focussing on the moment to varying degrees separates the pros from the amateurs. The level of concentration, coupled with the seemingly effortless being and not ” trying to be” or rather doing and not the “trying to do” is a proportion of just the right amount that is sought by most golfers. It is not about just swinging the club and making contact with the ball, yet based on my rudimentary understanding is that it  is about the timing of the swing. There are  3 phases to the swing.  The club is first swung behind you ( hinge), then the contact, and then the swing through the contact moment ( the unhinge) .  Literally it is like past, present and future of life all occurring in one swing. It is the timing phase that you are in that will result in the ball being hit correctly.
Similarly when dealing with life, it does depend on your personal “swing” of the mind. If you are not focussed on the moment then you may miss your correct timing cycle. If you are overly present or overdo it then the moment itself can  too be  lost. Seeing the grand expansion of the moment in all its phases and choosing to just be,  aides you in getting to the right timing cycle. Sheer brute force and physical strength has little to do with the game of golf. It is more about the balance of the mind with the moment in hand. We are invariably either too quick with our reactions, our verbal agreements or disagreements and judgements that we miss the opportunity of living at the peak of our abilities. We are also sometimes too late to make a decision out of fear, doubt or past regret that we forgo the chance at a splendid future.  This is the difference between living your life on purpose and with intention as opposed to just surviving on a day to day basis. It almost like trying to break down the walls of the space and time continuum between the past, present and the future and seing yourown big picture. Similarly you can see a picture of a golfer’s swing with a strobe light and see all parts occur at the same time. The question of success or failure is hinged upon at what part of the cycle does the soul get to step in and say “here I am !”
Getting the ball to where we want it to go and land is more about the vision that we choose to explore coupled with the balance of timing than divine intervention.  There are times if you play this game you will be floored by the perfection of a particular swing. That swing, aim, and execution was perfect as it was in the moment, mind-less, effortless and You played the  swing  in all its parts and not breaking it down with your mind. The skill is to get that  perfect golf swing every time and that is the same skill set needed in overcoming life’s challenges. Practice, practice, practice the idea of seeing the big picture within the moment and then jump on to the carousel of life.  It is interesting that  the word golf in reverse is “flog”. If you try to mess with the timing cycle in golf and not attempt the correct form  you will keep getting frustrated much in the same way you will fall off the merry go round of the universe. Throwing tantrums on the golf course in anger is of little use and does not help with your  life’s decorum of expression.
Keep your eye on the birds flying around in the sky, avoiding the squirrels and the trees, trying not to hit other golfers, is all part of being mindful of your game just as you would when crossing the busy street of life, hopefully not texting while ambulating. Vigilance is key yet with  more of an  acknowledgement of the surroundings in your life rather than a phobia of your life lest you  will  lead to an un-lived existence. Enjoying the game, and learning from each stroke is part of the life’s lesson of every experience. The measure your ability at the game is a numerical score noted as a “handicap.” I hope that you do not follow the same scoring system in life. There is a a saying by Paul Harvey….”Golf is the only game where you yell fore, shoot six, and write five.” A little cheating in life does occur but let your score card of your life’s game be as accurate as possible. I personally have yet to play a game of golf, I am still at the driving range practicing, but when I am done what a terrific game it is going to be, just hope that when I do it is not too late !  You hear the swoosh of the club passed your ear, and you turn to look in the distance for your ball landing. 
You feel a tap on the shoulder,” excuse me but your ball is still on the ground where you left it “!!   It is better to have tried than never have had the courage to swing the club. 


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