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Second guessing

Second Guessing



The clock is ticking down and you are down to the last few questions on your test. You quickly circle choice as B and move on to the next question. You come back to the prior question and change your answer to C. Wrong !! You are at a restaurant and your waiter finally comes to your table and you have been going over a particular craving you have had for weeks. Yet you hurry and   pick a dish off the menu. When it arrives you realize perhaps you picked in haste. You know that a particular relationship or job is going to work out yet you ignore all of your “gut” instincts and abandon that possibility or opportunity and pick someone else or a different job thinking that that second choice will give you more happiness. Yet again you second guessed and were wrong and remain in your unhappiness.
 We live in a world where we are asked to make choices so quickly for little reward and then we usually regret our options, without realizing that perhaps the little voice within had made the correct choice in the first place and then we over ride that idea in hopes for better satisfactory experiences, which invariably are not the case. We do this in literally every aspect of our lives with such rapidity that eventually the choices we believe we are making are not our own, they belong to someone else. Whether it is the nature of the advertisement with their alluring marketing strategies to fool the mind or out of a sense of desperation we second guess our Selves all the time. The owners of our choices are usually  most content as they are profitable only to  big business or for those  with political gain. We do this all the time to the most basic of human needs such as ignoring healthy options to eat or drink, seeking out the appropriate health care need for ourselves, misunderstanding the nature of love and lust, and regrettably remaining uneducated in the schooling of our first choice.
Second guessing is most often a choice made out of fear. It is a choice that comes out of not desiring to leave your comfort zone or at least a choice that has resemblance to familiar territory. Once we learn to trust ourSelves we are more aware of the choices we make, leaving behind the need to second guess. The more trust you have, the more alert Your choice is. The trust fosters love and compassion for Yourself and with a greater respect and awareness for the moment as you slow down in order to make the right choice.  For those who “live and die” by instinct and are successful, are usually those who are very much in tune with their Divine Self and if you ask them, they will happily inform you that they choose what they “feel” is right. When you are in this mode you cease to second guess. After all why would you if your choice is correct. Opponents of this idea will say that there is no such thing as the right or wrong choice. I would lean more towards that truly every choice is simply an experience, however the choice that makes you happier is the first pick and not the second when you adhere to this idea of synchronized “gut” instinct.
Maybe you should have turned left instead of turned right. Maybe you should have left the house a little earlier or a little later. Maybe you should have picked choice B or choice C on the test. Maybe you should have picked the “right” person to love. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe. These are all your fears talking you out of making ANY choice and live in your smallness. When you fall into the “maybe I should have..” phenomenon, you are already guaranteed to lose your way without trust or love or compassion for your primal instinct of Self to guide you. With the “maybe” you will more than likely not only not be happy with your “choice” regardless of potential differed outcome, yet also more often than not change the existing course of action that you are undertaking.
Let go of the “maybe”, the “ifs”, the “but onlys” and the ” perhaps” and live your life with determination and finely tuned instinct by listening to yourSelf as it navigates you through life. Moreover whatever choice you make, make sure that you make it for YourSelf and so you will derive greater pleasure from it. What ever the course you are on, see it to the end. It will always be a good end, if you jumped on it from a place of peace, knowing and trust.
Feeling like second guessing your life? MAYBE YOU SHOULD…….


Author: Brown Knight

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  1. A key to avoiding less than optimal choices is staying calm, identifying any emotions such as fear, anger or anxiety, and dealing with them before making a choice. Take a deep breath.

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