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Building your immunity

Building your immunity



Winter is here and with no end in sight, it is tiresome to those non snow boarding loving enthusiasts. The endless bone chilling cold days and nights give way to the numerous common colds or flus that many endure during this season. Just like when children start going to day care or schooling systems they pick up respiratory or stomach infections that keep them ill and continuously walking petri-dishes of germs, winter season can be no different. One can take the point of view that it  is an immunity building phenomenon  and a rite of passage. Yet many frustrated parents will state that it is more immunity shattering for the adults as they join in the infectious pool.
Your immunity is built by germs attacking your body systems, and you counteracting it with a response, be it fever, coughing, running nose etc. It wears you down yet more over than not you get over it and come out at the other end of it stronger  than before. Your body remembers the germ invader that caused the problem and stays always ready with its antidotes for future infections. Similarly we are always bombarded  by negative experiences. For example when people say or do nasty things to us, expected events do not go our way and so on. We may feel depressed, hurt, angered and frustrated. Yet if we learn to drive our responses to a more positive reaction we can mount a better and stronger defense against these emotional invaders if they come back, and they usually do. You can either let these harmful feelings rule you and in doing so give in to the infection and be subdued by it or you can fight it and build your own defenses and immunity.
My personal cure for the case of the blues or blahs is positive meditation. Feeling the positivity of warm energy flow through you is like a phoenix reborn, with vigor and renewed strength. I envision brightness as it courses every part of me and my being. Leaving no cell untouched by this positive intensity I feel fully armed against any of the negative encounters that may come my way, and surely as I think I am fully protected, negative personalities and encounters and negative thoughts and naysayers come my way to pop my bubble of positive energy. If I find that there is a chink in the armor when I get affected by these negative experiences, I go back to basics and reenforce it with a renewed coating and not just a patch. Layer upon layer I add this positive energy till my immunity and defense systems are fully intact  and non penetrable by anyone else’s targeted hatred or by anything negative. Every time I encounter a non positive experience it is actually welcomed as it only serves to make my mind and spirit to become more adaptable and be more likely to overcome the invader next time it raises its ugly head. I would like to go as far as saying that everything that has come in your and my life that we have deemed as being “bad” has in fact been a blessing. That friend  who betrayed you, the irritating boss that frustrates  you, the finances  that did not come at the right time, and the  infinite more items to your ” reasons I hate my life” list, all came for a reason, namely to help build your immunity with the antibodies of positive responses.
So next time you are feeling like you are getting a cold and reach out for some Elderberry, or zinc or vitamin C or cold remedy to boost your physical immunity add on a healthy dose of positive self awareness to your armamentarium of cures, as you fight off yet another negative encounter. Feel free to do the same if your invader to your personal space of peacefulness is not microscopic.


Author: Brown Knight

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