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Traffic woes

Traffic light woes



Every day I reach a traffic light at an intersection. This is  nothing new to anyone who sits behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. If red I stop (most of the time) and ponder. Periodically, I use the 3 minutes at the red light to text, catch up with emails,  eat some munchies, write down some thoughts, or simply allow my already wandering mind to wander.  If green, continue to travel at my speeds with the intent of beating the yellow or amber sign. Eager to get through the green light I become focussed and not waste a single millisecond of my acceleration on other matters of life and simply just go. The dreaded yellow amber sign is the worst of all. It abruptly forces you to slow down or speed up depending on how close you are to the traffic signal and the usual thought is ” is there a police patrol nearby, and can I make it?”  
This is not dissimilar to our daily experiences in all matters. The red is the life altering experience that makes us stop. Whether it is illness, a tragedy, a shift in family dynamics it does not really matter what the cause is that makes us stop, it is the effect, STOP and take an account of your life choices.  The green is what we do constantly, simply just keep going. No concerns just keep cruising, yet hopefully we make sure of our speed limits lest we burn out. The yellow is the in between that enables us to pause and really think about what we are doing. If we bypass this step we usually will get caught at some point to make a life altering decision. In traffic, beating the yellow light sign, we may end up with a speeding ticket, yet another life lesson to teach you  to slow down. 
The lights are there for traffic control, yet not just for our cars yet metaphorically  more the traffic of the mind and consciousness, as they more than anything need the guidance for control. We have the faculties to provide the control from our soul, the eternal driver. We take no regard of the driver who is as valuable to our journeys on the highways of life as the other two, namely mind and consciousness. The yellow light I believe is the most important  of all the lights as you are “cautioned” to make a more safer decision. Go faster and leave the care to the wind and beat it or slow down and be safer. Especially at the intersections of life’s roads when the “yellow light” really plays a role in determining your next course. If you let your arrogance blind you then unfortunately this is as bad as being color blind at the traffic signal. There are traffic signals, traffic  lights  and guiding signals all over the place. the big question is whether you are awake enough to see them before it is too late, before you “accidently” make the wrong decision or turn. 
It is sometimes great while I am driving I get every signal to be green, and my mind says lets get through them  all very fast. My consciousness plays the devils advocate and replies that watch out that based on timing of the lights and distances you are probably going to get all reds! My spirit calmly notes that some lights will be red to stop and change my decisions, some will be green so I can go through my life plans without hinderances, and many will be yellow so that I may pause and make the most appropriate choices, it is a balance not a race to the light. 
Traffic light coming up shortly, I wonder what color it will be when I get there….


Author: Brown Knight

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