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Last call

Last Call     It is closing time, the bar tender calls out asking if anyone wants another drink. The conductor blows his whistle one last time before the doors close and the train sets on its way. Last call….then we depart this planet. An entire life lived ends with a last call. All one’s […]
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Going golfing

Going Golfing     If you have never played golf, then it is a sport worth trying to learn. You will be  probably be in the learning phase for your entire life as this particular sport is very similar to learning life’s lessons every time you step up onto the green.  The presence of mind […]
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Soul surfing

Soul Surfing     For those who love the water, nothing can be more fun than getting out in the ocean, swimming their boards out to the waves and getting on top of the waves and riding them to their hearts content. The exhilaration of catching the  big one is always thrilling and a great […]
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Effortless living

Effortless living I wanted to explore an interesting concept that I recently uncovered. Many a time I have tried hobbies or tasks that I have always approached with great vigor and focus. My mind takes over and everything that ensues in carrying out the task becomes a precise sequence of procedures. The chore then
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