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over correction

Over correction      I once thought that this idea of over correction was a good one. To me it meant doing more, becoming better, pleasing others. Over correction or over compensation in all areas of life is tricky business. Before long I found myself so far over corrected that getting back to center was […]
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Among the clouds

Among the clouds     Late one rainy  afternoon I took a flight for a short trip. The jet roared off the runway and we ascended rapidly. Looking out of the window I noted the ground  getting further away and shrinking as we reached cruising altitude. We traversed through many cloud formations. Some thick, some
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Why me?

Why me?     The age old question when something does not go our way or  is unexpected. Why me?  Usually this is dependent on a bad experience as it enters any aspect of life, home, work, family or personal. “Why me? I never did anything to anyone”. Numerous examples of this occur on a […]
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