Connection or attachment


It is important to discern the difference between connection and attachment. These words are used in the spoken language as if there were no different. Yet this is and can be furthest from the truth.


Connection stems from the heart through acts of love. This is sustaining and empowering. It extends the outward energy to another. There is no desire for it to be reciprocated yet usually is returned with the same affection. Such is the nature of love. The heart is able to transcend the depths of time and space and all wounds when a connection is made. It is not a longing as that is attachment. When there is no impatient desire to jump out and reach another person then the connection is free and flowing.


Attachment on the other hand is from the mind born of fear. This is an illusionary energy and can become destructive to both parties. It is a contingent energy. When love with conditions is extended out it becomes attachment. Attachment is disempowering while connection is empowering. Attachment is the need and desire to hold on to another for fear of self loss. This stems from feelings of lack and self incompleteness. Clearly quite the contrary for connection where both members are complete and free to offer their abilities to the other without fear of being overpowered. They attract the energy of the other person as 2 poles of a magnet.


Unfortunately with attachment the poles of energies are able to switch and repel once the intentions are known or the fuse runs out. Attachment is not self sustaining, yet connection is. So the next time you decide and touch someone as yourself where is this feeling coming from. Mind full of fear ? Or heart full of love ? The more aware of yourself in all ways of life, the more likely you will desire a connection and not an attachment.


I choose to connect.


I love you


Art work courtesy of Nitika Bhatnagar

Author: Brown Knight

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