Cold is usually not the time to go outside to run right? WRONG.




There are lots of benefits to going out in the cold. Let us explore them together. It is tempting to stay cuddled under the blankets as the temperature on the thermometer dips down but there is much value in roughing it out for the first few minutes.




The less the heat, the less taxing it is on the body. The heart rate drops in colder weather, as the blood volume is not at the surface to cool ourselves like in hotter climates, which translates into the same pace but lower heart rate which means we can go longer and be less fatigued.

In winter we are usually SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder). By running we release the endorphins that combat depression allowing more positive moods in winter

We burn fat, namely brown fat which burns to help maintain our body temperature. This is the fat that we want to burn.

Calorie burning is a good thing. The cold is metabolically more able to use up the calorie in energetic expenditure compared to warmer climates.

I have never met a single winter time runner who is not happy after their cold run. It is a high feeling that they accomplished something by beating the elements and feeling refreshed in their breath and their vitality and clarity of thought.

Winter moving is key since the holidays have a tendency to push us into hibernation and no exercise lethargy modes.

Shivering increases the the body’s expenditure of energy, but if we are running our core temperature does not drop enough to shiver and so less significant drops in body heat triggers non shivering thermogenesis which increases metabolism

From a cardiovascular perspective pounding a pavement as runners do have an decreased overall premature mortality and live at least 3 years longer than non runners.



There are drawbacks to outdoor activities too such as bronchospasms and asthma and other respiratory symptoms. Heart disease is also common while shoveling snow. But the risk is lower with running. Crazy story… I went for an 8 mile hilly run the other day and I didnot once cough but the moment I stopped at the end of the run, I was coughing uncontrollably. My friend suggested i continue to run !!! It was a good idea, I shouldn’t have stopped.




Ofcourse windchill factors play a role in the fine line between maintaining the benefits and worsening the physical conditions. It is advisable to always check the weather forecast before going out to brave the elements.




Use common sense and ask your doctor if there is any doubt and get a running coach if you are just starting out. It is advisable to warm up and stretches like leg swings, squats, lunges, and lateral leg swings. for 10minutes prior to going out for your run. I personally do 20 burpees before heading out.




Enjoy the run, take a friend with you, it is a magical time to be outside and you will hoping for colder climates by summer time.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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