At every race I have the opportunity to ” run” into some very interesting conversations with fellow atheletes..


It makes the time go by faster and the company is always fun


I was on the run portion and along side comes this older woman with gray hair and short stature.. big smile and great pace…


I decided to increase my pace and keep.up with her for a bit and chat


We greeted each other and talked about the weather.. the conversation went on to if this was her first race today.. ( a great ice breaker conversation at any race)


She replied yes.. it is..” I had never done a 70.3 before.. so I figured I would try it”


I told her that I was most impressed when she passed me on an uphill on the bike..


She laughed… she said ” I have been a cyclist most of life but not so much as a swimmer or a runner”


She replied ” you know at 62 years old I figured I want to do something I had never done and challenge myself”


I was shocked …. 62 !!!


She asked my age…I replied and gulped.. “lady you are one badass athelete…. I am in awe”


I stopped at the aide station for some ice and water on my head and she did too..


We ran for a bit further together and she turned the corner and continued to plough through the uphill..


My pace slowed down a tad.. but enough that she was ahead of me..


A strapping tall man probably in his early 30s came along side me and started gasping and telling me that this hill was really hard and that he might have to walk..


I looked up at him ( he was quite tall) … hey bro… I yelled… ” you see that lady ahead of us ( as I pointed to the older woman i was conversing with) she is 62 and she just kicked our butts.. I think we need to kick it up a notch.. ”


His eyes widened in surprise and he yells ” you are right ” as he and I sped up that hill


Motivation is found in all forms…. even in the form of a fellow older athlete who reminds you that sometimes age is just a number and fatigue is just a perception of the mind…


Keep going….never surrender….no doubts..


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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