I was having a lovely chat with a friend who was having a hard time trying to figure out how to slow down her mind. She felt her mind was chaotic and she could not meditate or focus. I discussed with her that this was much akin to driving on the highway at 200mph and zipping past every exit and in so doing missing every important exit ramp that she needed to get off at, till one day she would discover that she was in another town or county.


Traveling so fast is never helpful for the mind or the body as it wears us down and it becomes an inefficient way at living.


It is very important to slow down our speed and calm our mind down long enough to recognize the wisdom within our cells and body to be able to get off the right exit in life and take a break and discover what that place has to offer in terms of experiences.


The beauty of the universe is that it will afford us the opportunity to get off any exit when we are ready or choose to and find back roads to our true destination. All avenues eventually lead to the path of our dreams and goals, unfortunately some take us away from them, but will eventually lead us back if we so choose and take different roads. But we have to first recognize this and choose to shift gears and take the other path. Some side roads may take longer, for there is no shortcut once off the highway of life. Yet there will always be enough universal guides and signposts to help us get there.


Using the mind will keep us with the foot on the accelerator pedal, yet awareness gets us to take our foot off the pedal. The map of heart guides us to our destination, no matter the number of detours or how long the detours take us.


Happy driving.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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