What do you call an epic failure?


Well yesterday was one.. for me


We usually hear about all the successes on social media but not so much the failures… yet I can tell you for every success there are usually an equal if not more number of failures…..Especially for me


Yesterday evening I Was supposed to do an 1 hour progressive run…so got home from work and went out to get my training done…


I got to a third of a mile and I knew this was not going to end well…I was short of breath, heart rate was high.. legs started to ache a little… I slowed my pace… maybe i had started too quickly.. ( as usually is my problem) I walked a few seconds…..breathed deeply.. started again..


Same constellation of symptoms again.. this time I pushed through… ignore the sensations and focus on the goal… well a mile into it things were getting pretty very heavy… after 1.5 mile I stopped and abandoned the run… epic failure right? No


The air was gross… hot, muggy and super humid… it was not my day….


I deleted the run off my watch and messaged my coach.. sorry 😞


He simply replied.. hydrate, eat and rest and stretch…. sound advice


Time to regroup…figure out what went wrong and why and fix them


For someone who has done alot of endurance training in the last 18 months this was a little embarrassing…. but ego aside I had to listen and learn


So did I fail?


I think not… i listened to my body and acted accordingly….I made sure that it was not a limiting mindset that was interfering with the run.. the body’s wisdom is always to be adhered, as the mind is what holds us back


What is success without failure and vice versa


It is through our failures and trials and errors we get to success, and it is only through our successes that we push past our failures


One cannot exist without the other.. anyone who is successful has tasted the bitterness of failure more times than they can imagine..


To be human is to err…. for it is in this failure that we discover our struggle, our doubts, our fears played out through anxiety and stress… it is in these molten hot failures that we forge our destinies.. for success is simply the other end of the spectrum of failure… two sides to the same coin of life..


If we don’t fail we have not lived or done enough, tried enough….


Today is another day… I may fail again.. but tomorrow is another day to get it right(ish)


List all your failures and see how each has served a purpose to make you who you are today… nothing is IN the way just ON the way in making you the perfect individual or soul being you were meant to become


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Good morning Doctor,

    As I told you a few months ago, during an appointment with you , I am a survivor of domestic violence after 16 years with my partner

    I see a therapist weekly however I am still struggling
    I thought if I studied budist philosophy
    It would be helpful to move forward and let my grief and loss go

    Please advise.
    My thanks , Jo Eisenberg

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