We as a species seem to spend alot of time celebrating the finish line during any competition


We wait for the successes as we see the atheletes cross that special line with a sigh of relief and joy


Yet it is somewhat expected… I mean with all that training.. the only course is to try to move forward towards that line…


But what about another line that is equally as important?




The journey to the Start line is the harder one….


It takes tremendous courage, fortitude and will power to reach that start line… this applies to any task or project or huge goal we thrust upon ourselves


To say YES I WILL DO IT…. is the first step, but this takes more than hard work in letting go of our fears and doubts.. it demands us to have a vision of our goal…


Once we are committed to reaching that start line, we are asked to face everything that we fear…. our judgements and our self doubts will gnaw at us constantly along the way… and sometimes all the way to the finish line too.


So if you have said yes to any goal…. and have made the commitment to succeed in your vision.. celebrate your start line… because the journey is beautifully transformative.


With persistence and dedication the finish line gets closer with each step… and the next adventure lies just a few feet beyond this line


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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