Got up early this morning at 330am to witness something beautiful. The partial eclipse of the full moon. The eery red glow of the eclipse with a sliver of brightness at its edge gave it a magical experience as 97.3 % of the moon was in the earths umbra at its peak. This is the longest eclipse in 580 years lasting over 3 hours. I could not help but wonder that for centuries humanity has looked up at the moon in its various phases and been afraid of the eclipse. Not understanding why the moon would hide from sight, yet a deep spiritual awakening was revealed.

The Beaver Full moon as it is known, ushers in all sorts of emotional changes and charges. It is so named due to the beavers and other furry animals set up their shelters along the river edges in preparation for the dark winter and the hunters would set traps to use the furs against the cold. Astronomically the sun and the moon are in opposite positions, and the sun illuminates the moon fully, yet astrologically this positioning brings events to their natural breaking points and allows for heightened emotions and deepest charges to come to light.

Eclipses are powerful and can help set things in motion as we delve into the darkest part of our consciousness and find our fears, doubts, worries and root them out to the surface like weeds and release them into the full moon light to be metaphorically burned. Additionally we are invited to let go of old programming, attitudes and out dated beliefs that may have blocked us from our highest levels of understandings and forming deeper relationships.

Eclipses are resets assisting us in getting back on track on where we need to be. Trusting in the flow is key. It is time to take stock of our successes and love ourselves in these moments, and shed light on to the next phase of our journey.

Look, listen and feel the magic that is abound at the moment, guiding, whispering and illuminating the path ahead.

A simple invocation for the potent event. Repeat x3

“ I trust in the wisdom of the universe

I flow with the tide of my soul

It brings me to the shores of my highest potential

I surrender this experience and life to the Source of all “


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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