Here’s your sign !!

Said the universe. At times of desperation we look up at the stars and let out a great lament, as we surrender to the heavens above or fall at the feet of our favorite deity for help during troubled experiences, we may feel that we are speaking to an empty space.

Yet it is not as one sided a conversation as we may believe. All our pleas, doubts, fears and questions are answered by the universe, yet the paradigm shift is to explore and listen and pay attention to the responses.

How does the universe speak back to us? In all forms. It may be in the form of a song title that comes on the radio, or perhaps a sign literally on a billboard answering our doubts. In a long line of traffic the reply may be found on the license plate or car sticker in front of us.

At other moments I have found answers through random conversations with friends and strangers alike, or even simply walking alone the replies arrive in the silence. I have discovered these responses appear on the ticker like scrolling advertisements on buildings, or even a stray cloud shape in the sky.

The universe is a conscious intelligence that “speaks” through everything and anything at all times and at the right time when the listener is ready to “hear” the message. It is the integration through everyone and everything that the communication begins and is endless. A beautiful flow of discussions between the many to the one or the one to the many.

It is when we see, hear, taste, smell and feel this magical flow and allow all our senses to be the receptacles to the voices of the universe mind of intention. Anything is possible, we just have to dare to ask and be patient and attentive to the reply.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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