There are times when we are trying to accomplish something bigger than ourselves, and we are pulled back by the voices of others informing us that “ we are doing it all wrong” or “ we should play it safe” or “ we know what is best for you” or “we must not do it” or “ we have to enjoy what we have and not go further”. Sound familiar?

We are invited to explore how all these voices not only for-bode a cautionary tale but that it is not necessarily our own story. They are the voices of those who attempt to hold us back due to their own fears of either a life unfulfilled or reflecting their fear to accomplish that which we seek.

And so misery loves company, and it is easier to pull someone down and try to extinguish ones dreams, rather than jump into the sandbox and infinite ones own ambitions.

Yet each of these voices also provide us the much needed fuel for us to launch our enterprise or seek out the next adventure or push through to the next level of our evolutionary process.

This is the nature of growth. At the edge of support and challenge there is growth, yet to go higher and accomplish something that is seemingly insurmountable, those voices are the fodder that aids us. These are the times when those voices are to be held in gratitude for their concerns yet the loudness is not for us but for themselves. These “ wise words” from those around us can be taken as a bold flame of inspiration to push through and transform “ I cant “ into I CAN.

Hear those voices holding you back,and then listen to the song of your heart and keep on climbing.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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