So my son and daughter are rolling around on top of me both fighting to get more cuddles..

My son tells my daughter ” dad loves me more ”
My daughter looks surprised and says “no he loves me more”

They both look at me as the referree and demand verification of their claims..

I simply said..” when the sun shines you both get the sunlight equally. The sun does not choose who gets the heat, warmth, light separately does it?”

“Do you feel that I love either of you less or are you just fighting each other?”

They both knew the answer.

They both paused and seemed satisfied and settled in for more cuddles peacefully

This got me thinking…

When our minds get in the way of our hearts we feel separated from source. We feel the forsakenness as a deep loneliness as a candle does feeling separated from the sun.

Yet the only way the candle can feel its true radiance is when it is alone in the darkness… it then discovers that it too is light and can shine bright as the sun.

So when we feel separated it is a good idea to Remember that our source doesnot separate us.. it is us who are imagining that from our minds and judgments and fears..

The universe or source continues to smile and love us and in fact support us equally each moment without the individual mindset.. but is more inclusive as a whole…

It does not choose who to love or who not to shed its light to.

So like the candle it is wise to radiate one’s light bright each day knowing that each of us is like the sun.. and not separate from that light.

Light is love

Love is light

And each of us are truly light and love… but we have to choose to feel it and experience it
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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