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Stars and dreams

When I am alone and close my eyes

I travel far and wide

I walk amongst the world’s

I hold the suns like balls in the palm of my hand

I dance between galaxies

I sing to the tunes of the moons

I play with the rings of Saturn

I laugh with the passing of comets

I dive into black holes

I lie on my back in the middle of space

I watch the colors of the star nurseries giving birth

I blow on the gas nebulae like candles

I feel the breeze of the solar winds

And then i awaken and find myself back in observing my feet on earth

From time to time my hair is still pulled back to the stars

My body though here…

My heart is still somewhere in the cosmos

I never forget that I am star seed blown across time and space

The freedom of life is a choice

And so is my journey home
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. That was very Nice. Thank you.

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