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Full moon

Welcome to the full sturgeon moon

If you have not slept in a few days or finding all kinds of erratic behaviors around you and within you, then you can probably thank the energetics of this intense moon energy.

It is once again bringing up emotions of the past stirred up by the recent new moon. This sturgeon moon is unique in the potency of the energy that it portals.

Some have believed that it brings forth authenticity. Others believe that it brings forth unity or freedom. Yet I believe it brings out all of these as the full moon is a call for balance and to share ones light with humanity. In order for this to happen one is pushed to become authentic and allow the spiritual culmination to draw out unity and freedom in society and it starts with the self.

When we see the pivotal role we play in the grand organized design of the universe, we are able to better appreciate how the full moon helps to be a focal point in our evolution.

Listen to that inner voice as it gets louder to show us the way. Each of us carries that little voice that can fill stadiums. It is time to step up to the collective belief systems by tapping into our own higher consciousness to birth anew world, not of one persons design but a collective of human evolution.

The sturgeon moon is well named as the giant prehistoric sturgeon were ready to be caught during this season. It was also named for being the “ full green corn moon” or “ blueberry moon” signaling time for harvest.

To this effect I have created a new powerful invocation. Sit back, relax and recite 3x

“ I welcome the energies of this moon

I come into my time of season of abundance

I awaken my gifts to serve humanity

I embrace the magic of my life “

Your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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