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what is purpose?

I get asked by many clients I work with or those that I teach ” What is my purpose? And how do I find it?”

To address this briefly…

One of the most important purpose is to become self aware.

Mastering emotions and judgements are part of the process of self governance.

This is necessary as once we are able to control our mind we are able to become more cognizant of our experiences.

Each experience leads to the elevation of our consciousness. It is through this pathway that we become mindful of a part of our lives that we all at some point have forgotten.

Our journey home.

We all came from the stars and beyond.

It is from the divine light of infinite intelligence of love that we have all originated and from whence we return to source.

We are all drops of a vast ocean, or sparks from the eternal fire, or petals from the cosmic fire.

Yet it is this knowledge we have forgotten .

Similar to being on vacation in a foreign land, enjoying the trip and the place till one day years later we become present and reach into our pocket and discover the return Plane ticket that we once had purchased.

We are initially shocked as we have our awakening and then look for a way to get to the airport to begin our journey home.

Same situation applies in life.

We arrive.. we are born.. we experience.. we live, and get so caught up with the sensual experience we forget to look beyond the senses into that which resides beyond the senses.

The soul.

The heart is that gateway to the soul that links us to our divinity in a most profound way.

Once we open up our heart we begin our journey home. Yet we only open our heart when we have collapsed and integrated all judgments and become aware, and advance our consciousness.

That is what I do.

I teach people how to remember their purpose

I help people remember who they are and uncover their journey home.

This is also a lifetime process to navigate the return

your powerful ally

Dr Bhatnagar


I love you

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