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WHERE we are going in life is just as important as HOW we get there.

It is important that we have a vision and an idea of our destination. We are able to then plan the journey better and focus on what we want to create and manifest on the way. Having a GPS coordinates to get there are key.

Lets take an example of death and health. We know we are all heading towards death. Morbid. Yes. But death is the ultimate destination.

How we get to death is just important as the fact that we are going towards death.

So one way can be with pain, suffering and disease. Neglecting health, and polluting our bodies with exogenous agents and poor nutrition that may seem good temporarily, yet in the long game hurt us and so The road to death is shorter and hastened and filled with misery.

On the other hand the path to death can be a longer road with more scenic twists and turns and enjoyable experiences, each cherished with good health, nutrition , disease free years. So we expand the time it takes to our destination. Vitality is directly proportional to our vision.

Pick any destination in career, relationships, home, hobbies, self development and plan out what YOU choose to see in your life manifest. Make it a clearer vision and map it out clearly leaving no stone unturned.

One thing I have learned in this process of my own journey, is that if any part of my vision that I have not mapped out and seen, turns into an obstacle or challenge. However, this has nothing to do with the perceived surprises and spontaneity of the people we meet or experiences we uncover that give us that “wow” factor and joy in life. These surprises are just added bonuses of gratitude as they make the journey worthwhile and open us to new levels of awareness and new avenues towards our destination.

Where you want to go, is as important as how you choose to get there.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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  1. Amazingly put into words and I have never heard or seen this way of expressing our journey of life .

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