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How can i help?

The single most vulnerable thing that you can do each day is looking at yourself in the mirror and asking yourself this question.

” How can I help YOU today ?”

All too often we are chasing our tales ( yes tales and not tails) and holding ourselves in our vulnerabilities yet never revealing them or facing them. So to hold back the guilt of not giving ourselves adequate care, we try to help others, or “fix” others.

Yet no one needs fixing. Each person has the tools to be able to fix themselves and if needed has the ability to seek out help to acquire new tools and skills or even insights to help themselves.

Who helps the helper? Who helps you? Who helps yourself to heal, to embrace the vulnerability? When do we tend to our own wounds?

Ask yourself each day. ” How can I help you? ”

Listen carefully.

You will hear the answer.

Thats when you act on it.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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