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Strawberry moon

The Full moon arrives with 2 planetary alignments bringing the Strawberry Moon in complete light. The mysteries here are revealed in the intensity of the moon’s arrival. A time to explore relationships not just with others but within ourselves. Allow the love to permeate within our hearts and role play who we choose to be and become.

Enthusiasm is heightened as we liven our intuition. Best to channel this with an open mind and heart. Stepping into the larger persona of who we choose to be, will help anchor the path of our dreams and set us back on course towards self enlightenment.

See the truth for who we are and what we can do is a sure way of harnessing this cosmic energy. To this end I have written a short though powerful invocation to help you with this.

As always sit comfortably, and rest your hands in your lap and breathe.

Repeat 3x

I am enough

I am my truth

I am my purpose

I am my Higher Self

I trust myself now and everyday

I am Love

I am that I am
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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