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Traffic lights

Thoughts at the traffic light.

We all know the sequence of the traffic lights. Green, then yellow then red then back to green. Yet what is the significance of this within the context of our lives.

When we are given the “green ” signal in life we are constantly on the ‘go’. We chase goals, dreams, ideas. We are provoked by influences of society, our jobs, time sensitive pressures of family and life in general seems to be hurtling us at super speeds. The attractions of life seem to whiz right past us.

Yet the red light is preceded by the yellow light. This is the universe giving us the “yellow light” to begin to decelerate and pause. We shift gears and begin to slow down. We start seeing more of life. We try to process our decisions. We may even feel through ” what is going on”. This is the purpose of our intuition. it is our yellow light of warning and understanding. It is in this pause and gradual slowing down that we are able to integrate all the impulses thrown at us and process them.

The red light cometh and puts us to a full stop. Whether danger warning of decisions taken to be readdressed and perhaps the road to be remapped out. Take a different direction if needed. Or rather at times, a simple stop, pause, reflect, integrate and then move on in the same direction that were heading in the first place.

The green light always comes right after and off we go to explore, create and manifest. How we do any of this, with what speed we do it, or even which direction we take are all part of the universal green light signal to move on to the next experience. We are constantly in motion but perhaps heeding the advice of the traffic light may help.

Try to follow the traffic laws of the universe, lest we get pulled over and get a cosmic speeding ticket.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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