Archive: May 2019

Stirring the pot

The vastness of human consciousness is constantly in motion. Like a boiling cauldron that is bringing to the surface all parts of us that we have disowned. This is a time of transparency and all that we have hidden will come to the forefront to be reckoned. As we churn and boil with our angers, […]
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Lessons of nature

In silent meditation I watched this beautiful plant as it embraced the morning light. It welcomed it with open arms, nourishing itself with the light into every cell. Allowing the light to penetrate its skin and provide the sustenance. I asked for understanding. I was entranced and totally captivated. It had a
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Everyone has wounds. ” they hurt me”, ” he is to blame”, “she was against me” and the list goes on. Yet delving deeper reveals the story that holds us in the past. Its when the play of emotions are met with honesty, the legends of growth are born. The prose of tragedy are woven
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Time management

An experiment of time management. Like most of us I spend time on social media and using You tube for a variety of reasons. I was driving along and thought to myself I wonder how many times I pick up my mobile device and go online. My perception said oh definitely not very much at […]
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Interesting conversations

Interesting story. My 7.6y old recently wanted to go into his gym early to “play” with the other kids before the start of class. Usually I have no problem with that, however I discovered through innocent conversation that some of the same age group boys were playing with their ipads and watching scary
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Spirituality is easy

Spirituality is easy. Ha hahahahahahahhahha Spirituality is anything but easy. We all search for the awesome calm, peaceful happy feelings that spirituality brings. We think that the nirvana experience is the same as those living color poster photographs of people in yogic postures, or in meditation with incense
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