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Keyboard woes

Look at this picture carefully. Yes it is what it looks like. A patched up keyboard.

Not mine. But my initial thought was just throw it away and get a new one. Till my heart spoke out. It is just as valuable and functional fixed.

All too often we are quick to judge and throw away things that we believe are broken and cannot be fixed. Household items, old toys, but more importantly we are so much in a habit of pursuing things that are only shiny and new or valuable as long as they serve us, that we do this even in our relationships. The slightest time that the relationship goes sour we are quick to judge, hate, argue, blame and separate.

Just like the used commodities, our relationships become equivalent to a commodity and we look to see what can that commodity or relationship give to us, versus to observe what we can do for the other person. I understand when things are irreparable and we move on. Yet do we give it a try longer than the time it takes to throw it out?

The connection we have with inanimate objects is similar to that with living creatures. I am referring to the opening of our hearts and extending out love. The love of a car may not be the same as the love of a spouse. Yet if we do not appreciate what the spouse has to offer and what the car has to offer and what we are able to offer the car or the spouse, it becomes hard to open the heart. I am not talking about even having to equate the 2, yet there are those who have more value in the car than their spouse and also those who value their spouse more than their car.

It is in opening the heart to the heights of unconditional love, and spreading out those energetic tentacles as chords towards another that is the key. The call to heal ourselves occurs when we have felt our own heart closed or perceive wounded.

Keeping the keyboard. Because nothing is really broken enough that it cannot be fixed. Not even you or me.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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