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I find it funny how we ( and that includes me) are routinely frustrated at life. We yell with our hands waving…. ” I hate my life… or my life sucks” etc. Yet do any of us take the time to see how life got us here. I am not talking about the life’s circumstances and experiences or the hard ships that have actually helped us become who we are today. I am talking more about the literal being given life. Have you ever looked at the odds of us being born?

I studied embryology in medical school and wow that was an eyeopener. The amount of things that can go wrong in the process are astronomical. I mean each cell has to perform its duty perfectly and bend to the correct forces and specialize at the right time and come together correctly to create every muscle fiber, tendon, bone, organ, system. If anything is out of balance, we are born with defects.

Now imagine the things that go wrong during the birthing process after gestation. Ask any Obgyn. I remember having to learn this in my obstetrics rotation. Now assuming we survived the incubation period in the womb and successfully came into this world. The fact that we even made it to age 1 is staggering in most countries. Now that we survived the vaccinations, and all the diseases that have faced, it is mind blowing that we make to teenage years and beyond. Once we get behind the wheel of a moving vehicle it is even more amazing.

So the fact that we are alive, and that we have made it this far, is valid reason enough in my eyes that the universe trusts us enough with this life that we are allowed to exist. What we do with it is entirely up to us. That’s the magic of the experience of life. We are given the opportunity to evolve, to grow and to become.

Become what ? ANYTHING. The universe trusted you to be here, enough that it made sure that all the obstacles were handled well enough for you to show up in some shape and form. Whether with some illness or good health along the way, to help you discover deeper hidden truths within, you are here. So why be angry at your life or the universal magic of life that brought you here?

So I challenge you not to hate your life, or the universe for giving it to you, instead be grateful for it and embrace it. You are not here by accident. You came here by choice and then life allowed that to happen. Find your purpose and mission and fulfill it to your greatest of heights and abilities. Ironically what we are actually angry about are circumstances that in fact we have co created for ourselves to help us grow ! So we did this to ourselves no less. Our choices shape how we survive, thrive, or live in our lives that we create. You have worked very hard to evolve since you were a tiny cell. Now is not the time to give up.

You are worthy of life.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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