Kids are our greatest teachers.

We think that we need to teach them about the world.

Yet in fact they are the ones to teach us about the universe.

We think that we have to teach them to face the harsh world.

Yet forget that it is they who are going to teach the world about kindness and love.

They are the ones to create a stronger world that will have its reach far into the future with advances in technology, spiritual development and human evolution.

kids are not in need of teachers. They require guides who will let them discover their own path and their own divine potential in their own time. Fluidity is a skill that is innate yet destroyed for most through the institutional systems in place to create drones and not masters.

When we see a child doing a creative project and see their own moment of inspiration is tear jerkingly amazing. I have a gulp in my throat as I resist the urge to help my kids when they scream out for help for an activity that they are doing, such as building a complicated lego construction or an artistic creation, or a difficult puzzle. I simply stand there and say ” I know it is hard but I know you can do it and I am here.”

That gulp quickly transforms into a sigh of WOW when I see them succeed. At the border of support and challenge is growth.

When we have faith in them to build, create, grow and flourish we see the magnificence of the universe acting through them as an experience. There are times my patience wears thin, and my frustration takes over. I am not perfect and it is a faith i am still waiting to receive on my darkest of days.

Yet children continue to reveal their brilliant shining sparkling personalities and remain resilient to our adulting up to a point. The key for me is realize that the point is a fine line and I am constantly learning when not to cross that line. These little teachers are always guiding me to increase my tolerance threshold in all areas of life. I sometimes think that parenting is about teaching, yet at the end of the “lesson” I find that parenting is not about furthering “my agenda” but in fact letting the kids figure out theirs. Parenting is less about doing, and more about being. ( A lesson I am discovering more from my wife’s mothering skills).

Their purity and innocence is the bridge to the future and the grounding lightening rod to humanity’s eventual survival.
I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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