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November full moon

And so begins another magical Full moon. This is a moon of action, and arrives with enormous potency of release and a gateway to acting on our dreams and goals. It is known as the Beaver moon among many other names such as the Mourning Moon. Beavers are known to close out the season and prepare for winter by being very busy setting up food stores and lodging and so the ancients would do the same and set up their plans for planting, hunting, and harvesting.

If there is a long list of things to do, then prioritize and make a plan of action to get it done. Habits, relationships and goals all need tweaking . Just like cleaning out a closet, we get cleared up with our thoughts and plans for our future, and get ready to ACT !! Make sure that they are congruent to what we value most.

It is no surprise that this moon comes right around ThanksGiving as we welcome these ideas and say goodbye to the old with gratitude.

To this effect I have created a powerful Full moon invocation to help harness and connect our hearts and minds to the energies of the moon’s electromagnetism.

I hope you have a fantastic full moon night experience

Repeat x3

” I let go of all that no longer serves me,

I welcome the wisdom that guides me ahead,

I connect to the forgotten parts of me,

I become my one True Authentic Self,

With focussed purpose I am renewed,

I fulfill my inspired destiny with divine vision

I am where I am meant to be

With gratitude for Me, I live and love again.”
I love you

Author: Brown Knight


  1. Affirmed thrice! Beautiful affirmation Nitin!!

  2. Today is the day Guru Nanak was born and also died. Deeply grateful all our Gurus for their teachings and the wisdom of the ages.

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