Each of us has a bucket. No not the plastic kind. We have an invisible bucket within our heart that we walk around with each day. And no it is not our bladder to carry water. Instead it carries good energies created from good thoughts and feelings. When we are with people we love and engage with them, our bucket gets filled, and when we are upset and sad, we empty our bucket.


Despite our best efforts, we may wonder why we are still not “filled”. We feel depressed or low. Perhaps it is because our buckets have holes in them. When our buckets are full we are able to share its contents with others and fill other people’s buckets that may be running low.


There are different ways one can fill our own bucket. Personally, I love to teach or meditate, write or read, perhaps play the Tabla, or listen to classical music, go out for a run or a bike ride. Each of us have our own unique way to restock our own magical bucket.


Doing something nice for someone, to make them feel special is one method, by treating them with kindness. There is a concept of bucket dipping, in which we “try“ to fill our own bucket by hurting someone else emotionally, physically or mentally through ignoring, insulting , or gaslighting them. But the problem is that with this method our bucket never really fills up and so it becomes a futile attempt to bucket dip.


Yet when we attempt to fill someone else’s bucket, we mysteriously and energetically fill ours too ! All day, we can either fill our own or someone else’s container. We can fill or deplete a bucket by our thoughts, words and actions.


It is an endless process of filling and emptying our buckets. Do you know another name for our bucket? Heart. And we can choose to pour love into it or pierce it with hate. The choice is ours.


How do you fill your bucket?




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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