There are times when a friend of melancholy arrives not to harm but to reveal. Dreams of the heart may lay before us unfulfilled yet we are asked to cater to those pieces that lay such promise.


We each are feeling broken in some fashion with the events of the world as they transpire in the night of our thoughts and manifest into the nightmares of the daylight.


We each feel the desolation of ambition, connectivity, and progress with every surprise news reel, as we unwrap the confusing, authoritarian and misguided messages that flash before our screens.


It is to this shattered heart that we are to provide solace and mending. Each disappointment brings a heavier burden to carry into the future. We share this casual conversation with a coworker, a family member, a distant friend or even perhaps a stranger. Yet the greatest of burdens is that which we carry within ourselves.


So from time to time it is acceptable to put down this heaviness and take stock of the present.


It is acceptable to feel frustrated.


It is acceptable to feel angry


It is acceptable to feel alone


It is acceptable to feel hurt


It is acceptable to feel tired


It is acceptable to feel betrayed


It is acceptable to feel confused


It is acceptable to feel.


We do not need to handover our burden for another to carry it. We simply can drop it to the ground. Not in surrender but in reverence for who we are.


We are pushed to the point of exhaustion and then pulled further out to the edge of our wits with the continuous situational drama of others. Yet is acceptable to allow this cycle to stop and consciously feel.


It is when we give ourselves this permission to experience these visceral impulses that we begin to heal and tend to this beauty of the human heart.


It is by feeling through many of these sensations that we come to lend a helping hand to a fellow friend in need.


DO not be afraid to accept and drop our tiredness upon the lap of the loving earth. For tomorrow we may be asked to pick up another load that will allow us to grow and evolve. The burden does not belong to us individually but shared collectively by us all.


Your powerful ally


Dr Bhatnagar




I love you


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Author: Brown Knight

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