When you realize that you are just vibrating frequencies oscillating at different intensities depending on your emotional state you will see that you have built for yourself a virtual construct that makes you believe that you are in a physical world.


When you wake up to the illusionary universe you will discover that you have been living in a caged experience within a hologram. You are simply wave energy.


The planet has shifted to a higher frequency. That is why the world no longer makes any sense to you. That is the reason why you are searching in your dreams and in your waking moments for a truth that you know is within you or out there. This truth pulsates with the vibrancy of your heart.


When your consciousness begins to shift, you will realize that you are still working with old reflections to create your reality. If you continue you will uncover a limited world of your creation. Step up and embrace your true identity and shift. There is so much more to unravel with heart than your mind.


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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