Exciting news… from your Holistic Cardiologist


The next MASTERCLASS is here..




Why is a cardiologist going to teach you about healing and breathing? What’s the connection?


The breath is the access to everything in the body and it is its life-giving nature that enriches the blood that fills the heart with every beat


It Has the ability to heal and for centuries all the various ancient cultures knew that BREATHING is MEDICINE


Together we will explore the science of breathing…..


WE WILL BECOME PULMONAUTS !! Explorers of the breath


” but what’s so great about breathing I do that all the time ” one might ask…


Well, it is through the breath that the ancients found the secrets to healing the MIND, the BODY and the HEART


I will teach you not only the science but the art of breathing to help you with many chronic ailments..


Arthritis, digestive issues, insomnia, depression, anxiety, coping with stress, hypertension, heart health, asthma, improving fitness and many more….


We will be doing plenty of practices to help you synchronize your mind, body and heart


So come join me….


Time : FEB 24 9 am EDT

Cost : $100

Location: Zoom


Interested? Then email me or message me at the earliest while spots last


The time to wake up those neurons of wisdom and learn new techniques each day for self healing


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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