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Building your immune system during winter illness


There are a lot of “goto”s that humans have developed over the centuries to handle those pesky colds that rear their ugly heads during the winter season.


Some folks head straight for the pharmacy and stock up on antipyretics, or decongestants yet there are many alternatives, that have stood the test of time through trial and error. The art of medicine is not the other coin of the science but found experientially.


Higher dose VIT C and VIT D along with zinc form the essential basis of the immune system. The next aspect of the foundation is the minerals found in garlic, ginger, and onions. These can be chopped up and boiled and the liquid drained and consumed like a soup.


Fasting is a significant benefit. Don’t believe me? Well The next time you fall sick and are lying in bed with fever and all stuffy with snotty tissues surrounding your pillow, ask yourself Do I want a big meal with chicken burger or do I just want to be left alone and be hungry. The answer will be the latter as the body’s innate wisdom chooses fasting to make the cells more resilient and rest any digestion process in favor of an empty stomach. A daily regime of fasting helps build that immune system.


Turmeric is a great anti microbial that provides much benefit which can be consumed in foods or even as part of a ginger honey tea on a regular basis.


Avoiding junk food that is full of processed materials that work by hindering the bodily functions through contamination and lack of healthy relationships to our cells.


Hydration is key to lubricate all our cells. We are 70% made out of water, so basically we are walking cucumbers with attitudes. So replenishing our daily stores is essential.


Meditation rituals and breathing exercises are a good way to keep the body balanced and the mind centered, all of which bolsters the immune system.


Keeping our vibration high through focussing on inspired actions, along side affirmations maintain this homeostatic mechanisms.


Cold showers help the body to establish daily resiliency and strength to fight off bacterial and viral loads.


Exercise. Well I cannot stress this enough, especially how important it is to build a healthy body, which establishes a robust immune system.


I would prescribe a habitual algorithm of all of the above. DO I do these? Yes. Can I still get still get sick? Yes. Can I heal myself faster if I get faster? Absolutely.


There is much magic in the heeding the body’s wisdom and playing a participatory role in creating a more resilient and robust system that will serve you well in the long run. Many of these techniques are easy enough to make it part of a routine for yourself and moreover for your family. Keeping everyone healthy during a trying season is hard enough, no need to add more stress.


Prevention is better than cure.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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