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The magic of fasting


I do a lot of intermittent fasting but I especially do it during winter time to build up my immunity


I have done fasting right from 12 days of only water to regular fasting of 21 hours a day especially during the winter season when illnesses of viruses are abound


A commitment to intermittent fasting has significant amount of benefits such as Improvement of cognitive performance it reduces inflammation and boost up the immune system. It also improves Fitness abilities especially when exercising during the fitness state. It assists with weight loss and controlling of blood pressure as well as blood sugars. Fasting also helps with Improvement of vision as various toxins are removed from the brain


There are many different ways of doing intermittent fasting right from 12 hours, 16, 18 to even longer hours of fasting


Fasting allows the body to become a more efficient being


Fasting essentially is a cleaning process as it cleans out sick cells and toxins the longer the fast.


During the starvation process the body creates proteins that surround the diseased cells making the body able to remove these toxins faster. The body becomes more resilient to stress especially with an increase of growth hormone


I typically consume all my calories between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and the rest of time I’m fasting with plenty of hydration. I make sure I do not overeat and maintain the calorie load that I need on a daily basis. Typically if one is overweight the intermittent fasting will help the body come back to a certain set point.


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