2024 is rapidly approaching. Excitement, grief, anticipation, doubt, fear and so many emotions are at our nerve endings as we culminate our 2023 year. Some are looking forward to ringing in the new year with parties and others choose to hit the snooze button and cuddle with their pillow well before the gong of the clock. Yet others choose to spend the time in meditation and many just trying to clear up their thoughts and get ready with strategy for the upcoming months.




No matter where we fit along the spectrum each of us in some fashion unconsciously are taking stock of our lives and attempting to consolidate “our books” and take heed of what worked and what did not work during these last 365 days. Human beings learn through trial and error. Our brains try to organize our figurative experiential balance sheet to find patterns, create new goals for the next year and put them into action.




In the end the solving of these life equations are how we evolve. If we can see how in each instant that these mathematical geometries are actually always balanced, then we are in gratitude. If we can see areas of our lives that we are ungrateful for then the equation remains incomplete. For in every experience there is both a blessing and a curse, or rather in every hardship there is some virtue, and in every fortunate moment there lies the potential for misfortune. This is part of the eternal loop of life.




It is wise to spend some time today, or tonight, before the fireworks go off, or the ball drops or the champagne that is toasted to reflect earnestly on the year behind, so one can move forward with clarity and focus.




Personally, I have so much to be grateful for not just at the end of the year, but in each moment. Through all the support and challenges that I welcome each day with love, gratitude and wisdom, I have learned not only about myself during all my training for nearly 20 races this year, but also about my friends, and family in the process. Endurance training has taught me about the limits of my own personal physical , emotional, mental, and spiritual realms and how to break them. These experiences have afforded me the opportunity to explore the science of the mind, body, heart and how they relate to nutrition, functional movement, breath work, meditation, exercise and so many other disciplines.




This year’s tonnes of studying and reading, close to a 1000 books this year alone, have led to an ever increasing gratitude for the universe that we live in. The wisdom of science and metaphysics of the heart has much to teach the world about love




I know with certainty that I love learning, having been a life long learner, but moreover that I love teaching through my courses, in person, and writings. I love modern medicine ( cardiology) and alternative medicine ( mind body medicine, integrative and nutritional medicine, human behavior, energy medicine, functional and exercise medicine and much more) equally. I enjoy the science and the art of both. I have always been a healer and a teacher, always will be.




It is not that we know and say we have experienced it, but in fact only once we have experienced an event, that we can truly know.




I have learned that it is just as important to tune in to the harmonies of life as it is to tune out of them. The magic of gratitude is the opening of many realms and opportunities. I have seen that expectation from the mind is a futile endeavor, but heartfelt expectation of a goal, a dream, and imagination is the path that leads. I learned that all emotions are transient.




I am grateful for my DNA where in lies all future imaginations and all ancestral memories of the past. I am grateful for the wisdom of this body that is able to store so much with kindness and grace till I am ready to understand it. I am grateful for my family, friends, my patients, my clients and all of you for showing up on my journey. I am grateful for the supportive universe that responds with valuable lessons. I am grateful for the cosmic consciousness that awakens my heart to the state of unconditional love.




I have learned that unconditional love is the ultimate field in which we play, come out of when we forget, and return to when we find grace and it never leaves us, because each of us IS that field. Each of us is LOVE expressing itself in every moment at all scales of existence for infinity.




“The secret to wisdom is in sharing it with the world” Dr Nitin Bhatnagar




So stay tuned, I am setting up lots of learning opportunities that are coming your way, as the school of life never closes and class is always in session.

Wishing you a happy new year



Your first lesson: What are you grateful for that happened to you in 2023?




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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