We all have heard of the famous story of Santa Claus, AKA Saint Nicholas ( 270 to 346 AD). There is a fable about a Greek man who roams the earth on Christmas Day making the dreams of everyone come true with gifts. He apparently is able to fit down any chimney and come through the fireplace. But what if this all is just a story to hide the true meaning of a spiritual significance. Like most things in folk lore or religion the origins hold the keys to the deeper level of understandings of the mysteries. Let us explore this concept.




The kundalini is a term that defines the energy that travels up from the base of the spine to the top of our head corresponding to the energies of our spiritual awakening. This energy rises up the 7 energy portals known as chakras. Taking the pine Christmas tree for instance. It is shaped as a triangle with the star or angel on top as it is decorated with beautiful lights. Yet the triangular form is similar to the one taken by the yogi meditators to begin their kundalini experience.




“Claus “ comes from the same root word Claustrum oil meaning holy oil that we use figuratively that is held in the “lamp” of our body. We tap into this Christ consciousness energy during this season.




The tree can be understood as the tree of life, which is experienced as the spinal column. The pine cone is symbol for our inner one cone known as the pineal gland ( Pine e al) also known in the spiritual circles as the seat of the soul. This gland is the “third eye” that when opened allows us to see our spiritual realms, but it requires the kundalini energy to be awakened. The pineal is the doorway to the subconscious mind and the limitless dimensions of creation.




Then there is the arrival of Santa. He represents the sacred male. In his clothing lie many mysterious symbolisms. The red for the sacred feminine and the white lining for the sacred male. Together the red and white represent the awakened state of being. The white beard heralding wisdom through age and enlightenment, with the passage of time. Also white represents purity, so Santa is the essence of purity in the form of love. He comes down the chimney bearing “gifts” of grace that he lays down at the base of the tree, ie the base of the spinal cord. The chimney is the spinal cord, the fireplace is the base of the spine, representing the fire of the kundalini awaiting to rise. He then climbs up the chimney, up the spine as the kundalini energy awakens and he exits the roof of the body, top of the head or the “roof” of the house which is our metaphorical roof of the body.




The stockings at the fireplace are the feet of the awakening individual as the kundalini heat causes the feet to “run” up the spine. The red and white mushrooms depicted around the mischievous elves are the amanita muscaria mushrooms ( usually found growing under pine trees) that have been used in many shamanic rituals to assist in the awakening of the kundalini. The shamans would dress up in red and white outfits to symbolize the colors of the edibles used in their ceremonies.




The tree was a used as a pagan symbolism to give reverence to nature that Christianity brought into the home to celebrate christmas thereby combining the pagan connotations and the Christian overtones.




The flying reindeer. Well the Siberian reindeer love to eat these mushrooms and as one can expect, the consuming of these treats may create psychedelic effects, ergo make them “fly high like a kite”.




Santa in modern day was depicted in the 1930s as part of the Coca Cola commercial as part of a marketing strategy to boost sales to children. As most know that the ingredients in this drink are quite dangerous from a nutritional viewpoint and cause “calcification “ of the pineal gland further hindering spiritual advancement.




The legend of Santa is there in its entirety before our eyes, in my opinion to expand our consciousness through the awareness of our own energies, engage with the mystical arts of meditation and self reflection. Santa is the divine spirit in each of us in the form of love. All we have to do is believe, and not in the myth but in ourselves. May the light of the season illuminate our paths as we allow the rising of the Kundalini that we light up with inner knowledge to rise up and open our third eye and connect to the seat of our soul, and beyond.




Merry Christmas to you all




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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