I am sure you have seen this beautiful picture circulating the internet. It is the image of a full rainbow noted at 30000 feet. I have never seen a full rainbow. In my view a full rainbow was always a semicircle. I thought myself lucky if I saw a double or triple rainbow or even if I could see the colors emerging and dissipating along the horizon, that was good enough.




Yet I was missing a whole other perspective. So often this happens to us in daily conversations. We hear the other person but we are not actually listening. The words come out of their mouth but do not fall upon our ears or hearts. We hear what we want to hear. We are quick to react and reply without the necessary pause to listen and respond. We miss half the conversation, sometimes even more.




Yet it is in what is missing lies the rest of the magic. The delivery of the emotion, the offering of the feeling, the unwrapping of the motive and the why behind the exchange of language. We want to be heard, but not to hear others. We desire to be wanted but not want others. We choose to be loved but forget the love for others. We live one sided in our perceptions forgetting that very few actually have perspective. We miss the whole rainbow.




The connection from heart to heart is reduced just as a ribbon is cut short. A conversation is never complete as we may feel we have too much to say and not enough time to say it, and so whatever the other person is saying must not be relevant and hence we interrupt. We disturb the flow of matter and energy as we believe in our own self importance, that our own words and ideas are more important rather than see the complete dance of words and meaning. We forget the other part of the rainbow.




But why do we do this ? We speak through our egos and our hearts are ignored. Awareness is not born if the rainbow is never witnessed in its entirety. Each of us are a complete divine being. Our minds make it appear that we are not. And so because of an incomplete awareness we converse from our minds and do not create a soul to soul connection.




By taking a breath we introduce a simple pause in our own thoughts which serves to bring us to become present. We can re train ourselves to reestablish the ribbon of unconditional love, the heart to heart bridge, that soul to soul link that takes us out of our separateness and delivers us to the oneness of unified consciousness.




Breathe…. Pause…. listen ( not hear) …. Respond… ( not react )




Silence is the ultimate teacher to return us back to the home of love. I invite you to explore the entire conversation, feel through the words, find that connection, see the bigger perspectives, and look beyond the self perceptions of the ego. Allow the flow of awareness to take you to the other side of the magic. One day you will find that you are the whole rainbow.




Feel and Become the rainbow. See you on the other side of it.






I love you ( from my soul to yours)

Author: Brown Knight

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