There are plenty of times throughout my day, week, month, year and in fact my entire life where I have moments of fear, stress, anxiety, to the point of wanting to puke.


I remember when I am exercising really hard and during those times I may feel I want to just give up with the pain, or the feeling of giving up and want to simply lie on the floor and vomit.


The same feeling when the fear kicks in before a competition, or before an exam or when the entire nervous system is on fire or when I have to step onto stage or talk to someone I am feeling scared to approach ( like in dating or talking to a superior).


Our lives are littered with these moments, and the odds are high that you have experienced them too. It is part of our human nature to feel through the sea of experiences and express them as emotions.


These are all normal. I push through these fears as my goals are higher than the fears that are there to bring me down. We all experience this imbalanced state. Each day may be filled with these ups and downs but these are just part of the beautiful circle of growth.


These days are all simply training days. And as each day finishes, I think about my next training day. I keep thinking what can I do to make me better. What can I do to create new ideas to serve the world ?


But training for what?


The opportunity to shine ! Not for fame, or glory, or wealth or success. But for the opportunity to be myself in all its light.


Thats what I train for each day. To shine brighter with love and wisdom to serve the world. And then on that day when I am my authentic self, something magical happens.


All my fear, nervousness, anxiety, hacking, scared feelings, just vanish.


Poof !!


But till that moment of authenticity, I am scared, wondering and doubting am I good enough, is my training enough, can I do it.


Yet just Iike a light switch, when I step up into my light, all those shadows disappear instantly. All that training was worth it.


Each day,I work on myself, uncovering triggers, old wounds, imbalances in my mind and body and set them right. So when I step into the light, into my light, I realize 2 things.


The training in this school of life was wort the hard work

I am worthy of love


We have 2 choices in every moment of difficulty.


1. Hide


2. Step up and shine


That is what happened to me during my first awakenings and activations over the last decade. I had to make a choice. Which led to a powerful discovery which I will share with you.


In each moment when I am faced with a choice to serve


Why I am here

The difference I can make with my gifts.


It is time to awaken folks. The alarm clock is blaring. Dont hit the snooze button. Awaken to your gifts, the sounds of your talents, the song of your inspiration, the brightness of your grand vision.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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