Staying hydrated.


We are at least 60% made out of water. As we step into the summerish months drinking water is even more important but so is drinking water in winter especially when we do not realize the losses. We are constantly losing water through our urine, sweat, skin, and feces. Water helps to lubricate our joints, regulate body temperature, flushing out waste, generating saliva, metabolizing foods. WE can become dehydrated very quickly without even realizing it.


I remind all my patients to stay hydrated as one cause of high blood pressure amongst many is dehydration. The recommendations by many organizations was that men should drink 3.7 L ( 16 cups) and women about 2.7 L ( 11 cups) per day and more if we are exercising having any illnesses.


It is best to sip water like a fine wine, rather than gulp and jug it down which usually will end up in frequent trips to the bathroom and more dehydration as we deplete our water content.


Other tips to stay hydrated.


Drinking a glass first thing in the morning, helps boost the metabolism.


Using alarms on our smart phones and watches it keeps us accountable to keep drinking.


Listening to our body when we are thirsty or hungry. Overeating may be a be a mistake for thirst vs hunger.


Checking the color of our urine. Darker or more golden than the more dehydrated.


Changing out high sugary drinks for water with lemon or a fruit or sparkling water.


Investing in a personal waiter bottle that becomes your companion.


Create a daily goal


Challenge your friends to join you .


Stay inside if it too hot outside


Don’t like the taste? Then flavor the water


Eat more water rich fruits and vegetables.


Monitor caffeine intake. Coffee or alcohol are dehydrating agents not hydrating ones.


Make sure that enough electrolytes are also being consumed. It is not just water, but sodium, potassium, magnesium and other minerals that need to consumed.


Drinking water can be fun and is nourishing. Your body will thank you.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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