I am an endurance athelete (amongst other things)


I am also married


What do the 2 have in common ?


My thoughts


Marriage is like an endurance sport. Many start off in a rush hoping to achieve the end quickly only to reach the end abruptly.


Marriage is about pacing one self to the heart beat of the partner kind of like getting to know the bike and the rider relationship…. it takes a lot of effort to stay in the relationship yet it begins by working on oneself first..


Getting strong mentally and emotionally and physically within of the self, before jumping into this sport is key… Marriage is no different


This is true for both partners….


When both are strong then the relationship lasts….


There are plenty of opportunities to give up…. get off the bike….or get out of the relationship yet to stay the course is a gift of mind body and heart


(Ofcourse both partners have to have buy in to this dance of 2 hearts…. similar to a strong rider and a strong bike)


Cheating a bike ride short doesn’t help the long-term game… the endurance suffers if either side fails


Going the distance is a pursuit of happiness unto itself


There will always be hurdles and unexpected twists and turns but marriages require fortitude, tolerance, drive and a willingness to succeed.


To endur means not to suffer but to get present and persevere.


To become one with the water while swimming… or one with the bike while riding or one with the road while running is the holy grail of any endurance triathelon experience


So is the Same in a marriage or close relationship. Both partners as one..both hearts beating as one


I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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