Have you heard the story of Pinocchio? The famous puppet who was given life and then told lies and grew a long nose each time, is the fairy tale that I remember but little did I realize what else was involved.




Follow me on a short trip into the mysteries of this bed time story.




-Pine- comes from the word Pineal gland, which has long been considered by the spiritually inclined cultures to be the seat of the soul. It is important to unlock this juncture as one hopes to ascend and grow to the higher realms of wisdom in the hierarchy of spiritual knowledge and cosmic evolution. This is known as the third eye.




-Occhio- comes from the Italian “Occulo” meaning to see. So Pinocchio literally means to see through the third eye. And the story is about how this wooden puppet is controlled by his master and is given the gift of life and free will and the adventures he undertakes. On this journey there are many trials and tribulations, and many include his struggles with lying ( leading to his longer growing nose) and consuming alcohol, and consorting with unsavory people. So lying, cheating, intoxication and deceit are all traits that he has to overcome to open his “third” eye to attain enlightenment.




Such is the journey for each of us seeking to evolve. We each are a Pinocchio going through our lives faced with the trials and trying to learn and overcome being disempowered by others and finding our own truth and that of the universal truth. Just like the puppet we have been given this precious gift of life. We are given the choices not to be controlled by our peers, or bosses or social and political systems, like the puppeteer did with his creation.




It is a choice for each of us to awaken our third eye and open up our energies to the process of ascension to attain wisdom for the betterment of ourselves and humanity as a whole.




Awaken your Pinocchio by learning to be more aware of what holds us back from finding truth..




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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