“ you are mean”


“ he hurt my feelings”


“ she behaves crazy “


“ they are the cause of my problems”




Sound familiar? Each one of us at some point has said these words, whether as children or as grown adults. Why do we say these things? Are others really the cause of our problems? Are they mean or crazy or trying to hurt our feelings?




NO. Each person is speaking to another person from their own wounds, and not from their heart space. Each person is triggered by their own shadows and not by others.




Unless we learn to face our own shadows, we will continue to see them in others. The world outside of us is simply a reflection of the world within us.




It is because of the pain that we feel within that at times is so intolerable that it bursts outside of us and we feel that we must share it with the world or the nearest person in our space. Yet remember that it is not their responsibility to shoulder that pain. It is ours and ours alone to behold and catabolize and metamorph into love.




We think that it is their place to understand our suffering as we bleed out emotionally, but it is not. Why do we suffer then? Because the people around us are not here to understand our journey. They do not need to, it is not their journey, it is ours.




Until we truly heal our past, the life patterns and relationships will continue to be the same, just the faces and the type of chaos will change. Each person is a mirror of our own inner world. It is wise to note that the teacher is always the person in front of you, no matter how hard or easy the lesson.




The teaching here is simple. Everyone and everything is a reflection of our inner mind and heart, and the journey is our own. IT is not that we choose the path, but more over it is the path that chooses us. How we act upon this path and strictly we adhere to it, is the unique journey of each soul.




It is prudent to hold space for the person in the throes of their trigger yet moreover feel through and understand what are your own perceptions and triggers in that situation and why.




So do not make others scape goats to your own mind’s madness and torture, but instead share the strength and serenity of your heart as an offering of love.




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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