There are those who may feel you are too loud or too quiet. Too fierce or too timid, too deep or too flighty. Too raw or too authentic. These are not your people.


You are full of bewilderment, dreams and madness. You are a misfit and a troublemaker. You are called different and shunned. You are told to fit into the systems square construct when you are a round peg. You are told to follow rules and behave. But you do not. Why?


Because somewhere inside there is a magic that beckons you to live your truth. It calls out your name as you walk down the street, round every corner and behind each lamp post. It summons you to become present to your true song that has yet to be sung. It gently calls on you to realize who you really are. To unravel the light that you dimmed all those years ago as a child to keep safe from an enormously loud world too scary on many nights and most days.


Your light however cannot be ignored. It is there within your cells and DNA to be released. It beckons for you to imagine, to create, to explore, to push the human race to the next level, to inspire others, to heal yourself and others.


You are the genius with untold potential that is waiting to see the light of day. You were not buried but planted and seeded for greatness.


To look at a blank paper and write a book, or to look up at the stars and see maps to travel, to see a brick and create a building, to witness a seed and grow a forest, to hear a bird and compose a sonnet. This is the world for the crazy ones like us. The dreamers, the creators, the artists, the musicians, the unschooled healers, the magicians, the mystical teachers are the ones to change the world with no rules, by simply listening to that voice that calls out to them.


Be more than you are. Show up. Own your tomorrow. Shine bright.



I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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