Happy IMBOLC !


A magical time when the wheels of the season turns yet again and I welcome the lengthening of the amount of sun-LIGHT and the hardened wintry ground begins to softly awaken.


It Marks the halfway time point between the winter solstice and spring equinox


I gladly bid adieu to the long winter and embrace the rebirth of the nourishing Sun. The fertile lifegiving earth brings forth the brightness of Spring anew.


A flow of powerful revitalizing energy within me stirs, as I melt away my frosted stresses.


A time to allow the LIGHT of my wondrous soul to burn away the cobwebs of my desperate psyche.


A time for letting go of the old and birthing the new.


An invitation to let the LIGHT of the Sun to touch your tender heart and transform your illumination into inspiration and creativity.


The magic of this day is abound in the air


A time to be grateful for life


As winter slumbers the spring in each of us slowly stirs to bring about the mystery of the universe into life.


Love yourself


Love your planet


Love your friends and family


TODAY is about Your and my Rebirth.


Blessed be


I Love You

Author: Brown Knight

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