There are days whether at work or home or especially in training I feel I have made a mistake. The doubt sets in and I feel low. I beat myself up with the mistakes. I judge my life’s choices and sit in wonder “ why did I do this? Am i on the wrong path?” Fears set in and anger takes over. Yet after a while of meditation the emotions calm and I begin to see a bigger picture.




I can see how all my choices have led me to this moment of now. I can see how all my choices of now will lead to the next moment. A deeper Resolve steps in and I move forward. Why do we go through this circus cycle of emotions? Firstly it is totally normal. Nothing is wrong with you or me. These emotions are a natural part of our psyche and meant to help us navigate our choices and thoughts but yet finally come back to center.




It is normal to go through ebbs and flows of the emotional battlefield, it is not permissible to stay there and become victim of these deluges. At the balance of the roller coaster comes a zero point of pause and reflection. It is here where all the choices of our past come alive in an instant on an enormous cinema screen in our minds. How quick we are able to see the entire board is also how expediently we come back to a place of poise and grace.




When we see that every choice in our life was simply not in the way but on the way of who we are becoming and who we are yet to become, we realize that NOTHING was a mistake. WE learn from our course correction and move on.




SO my old mistakes were never mistakes, just choices with the information I had at that time. I am looking forward to the new mistakes of the future for they will remind me to adjust the sail to the winds of life as I cruise to my next destination along this beautiful journey.




“It is important to not cling to a mistake just because we may have spent a lot of time making it, it is never a mistake it is a stepping stone”- Dr Bhatnagar




I love you

Author: Brown Knight

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